How are you gonna sit there and say to use your words and to just kick people out, that’s not how it works. It is both of your rooms and you both need to respect each other, when only on side does it gets frustrating. You haven’t said anything in two weeks except for petty bullshit and whiny shit and you have the nerve to say use your words. Fuck you and get your perv boyfriend who doesn’t do shit for you and acts like he loves you out of the room so my girlfriend can at least fucking change. If only you realized what he has done to you. I will now go back to my perfect relationship, with my beautiful girlfriend and you can go back you your “crappy life” full of whiny shit and bitching and you can leave my girlfriend ALONE!!! Kay Thanks!

Enough is Enough!!!

I hate when people act like life is a game, and when they get caught it is always someone elses fault. If you get caught in real-life away from school then you have consequences. Well it is your own stupid fault that you let you boyfriend change you, that you have alcohol in the room, and that you got caught. You lost your job because of it just like real life, it is not like you did your goddamn job anyway. You are 19 years old, life isn’t a game anymore your actions have reactions. You are underage and shouldn’t have alcohol anyway, if you do leave it to yourself don’t make it every point of discussion. If a cop would have caught you it would have been much worse for you, consider yourself lucky. It is not my girlfriend’s fault you got caught so stop taking it out on her. If you don’t like me get over it, I am apart from her and I am going to come see her so fuck off. You have some nerve to make my time with her a living hell, you have no idea what it is like to be away from your SO because he follows you and you follow him like two little lost puppies. Grow up, live a little, and get over your petty little issues.

Let my girlfriend in her room and let her live like she has a right to. She does more for that room to keep it clean and everything else than you could ever think to do and you should be happy and respectful, not a bitch. I want to see your boyfriend make a sacrifice, take a risk, do something for you the way I do for my girl. I try and give her the world and the only thing that you two do is bitch and moan about everything. Your life is far from terrible, you have him to be with EVERY NIGHT, I am lucky if I get to talk to my girl for a few hours a night. Then you have the nerve to bitch to her about your relationship problems and one minute it is you love him the next you hate him always being around. Either break up or shut up and leave my girlfriend alone!!